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1:1 Information


All CESA students receive a Chromebook that will remain at school to use with learning that does not require a usage fee. 

Students also have the option during the 22-23 school year to receive an additional Chromebook that will remain at home. In order to receive a Chromebook at school and/or at home the following steps must be completed prior to the first day of school:

All New Students:

Students who wish to take home a Chromebook that will remain at home:

***Please note that the payment is only required if a student opts to take a Chromebook home that will remain at home.  All students will have access to a device at school without a usage fee.***

You can complete these items on your own Internet-connected device or smart phone, or if you need assistance, you can come to the school to complete them. We will have staff on hand to assist you during orientation if you wish to complete your Chromebook paperwork during that time, however, we encourage all families to complete it prior to orientation in order to avoid long lines.

Chromebook Rules

Safety Conscious:

  • I will protect my personal information.

  • I will not share my password with others.

  • I will not use my Chromebook in the cafeteria, bathroom, or on the bus.

Open Minded:

  • I will maintain a can-do attitude and give my best effort on each assignment.

  • I will not use technology to bully or tease other people.

  • I will protect others and myself by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate content.

Always Prepared:

  • I will charge my Chromebook each night and bring my charger to school each day.

  • I will bring earbuds to school each day.

  • I will be sure I understand the expectations for each assignment before beginning.

Respectful and Responsible:

  • I will use my device for educational purposes.

  • I will close and log off my device when not in use.

  • I will not walk around with my Chromebook open.

I understand that this device is the property of Granville County Public Schools.