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What is my child learning this quarter?

By Kristen Elliott


This section will be updated to keep you up to date and informed on what your child is learning.


What are characters? What is the setting?

How are fiction and nonfiction alike and different? 

How are nonfiction books set up?

What are text features and how do I use them? (table of contents, caption, photos, diagram)

How can I figure out what words are important in a nonfiction text?


Short vowel sounds (a as in apple, e as in elephant, i as in igloo o as in octopus, u as in umbrella)

-ing (sing, ring, wing)

-all (ball, wall, call, tall)

sh (show, ship, wish)

ch (chip, chart, each)

wh (what, whip, when)

th (think, that, with)


Writing and solving addition and subtraction problems to 10

Solving addition and subtraction word problems

Using number bonds to represent adding and subtracting problems

Developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems (counting on, using objects, drawing a picture)


Informational Writing - sharing information on the steps of how to do or make something

Narrative Writing- tell a story of something that happened to you using at least 3 sentences.

ADA Compliance Errors 0