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Behavior Expectations

over 4 years ago

Behavior Expectations

  • We at Creedmoor Elementary are ready to:

L - Lead by example

E - Excel in all we do

A - Actively engage in learning

R - Respect others and accept responsibility

N- Never give up!


In our classroom, we control our voice and bodies, maintain our space, and always show respect.


We monitor our behavior using a clip chart system.  All students start on the middle level of “Ready to Learn” as it is an expectation that students arrive at school ready to learn. As the school day goes on, students may be asked to move their name clip up one level when they display exceptional behavior or are “caught” modeling good citizenship. Conversely, students may be asked to move their clip down one level if they have made an inappropriate behavioral choice. This does not mean the student has to remain on a lower level because as soon as they demonstrate that they are again ready to learn, they may move their clip up one level. The idea behind this system is to teach children how to make appropriate behavioral choices. This system is based upon the book: Clip Chart: A Simple Discipline Strategy for Promoting Positive Behavior by Rick Morris. At the end of each school day, students enter their color on that day within their Agenda's.  A parent or guardian signature or initials is required as acknowledgement each night.


Focus on the Arts

over 4 years ago

in our classroom, we use the arts as a way to deliver academic content to students and as tools for students to demonstrate their understanding of that content.

On this page, I plan to include links to art related resources, articles, and student work examples.  Keep returning for more!

  • A+ Schools Program

  • Arts Ed Search

Arts Education Research

  • Arts Education Partnership

  • NC DPI Vision for Arts Education

  • NC Department of Cultural Resources


Mrs. Corbett's Bio

over 4 years ago

       Hello, my name is Elena Lynne Corbett but just call me “Lynne.” I grew up in Surf City, NC, graduated from Topsail High School in 1984 and went on to obtain a BA in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill. After college, l lived in Raleigh a while and then in Charlotte for quite a few years, where I worked in the financial services industry for 16+ years. At that point in my life, I was a Vice-President with Bank of America, managing a technology support group (helpdesk, projects, technology training).

     When I became pregnant with my first child, my husband (Mike) and I made the decision that I would stay home with our children (Jason, now 13 and Adam 11.5). While home with my children, I had the chance to decide all over again what I wanted to be when I grow up. I decided that I wanted to be a teacher! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and is a career path that allows me to be close to my children.  Both of my boys are at G.C. Hawley Middle this year!

     Once I made my decision to enter the teaching profession, I started working as a teaching assistant at Wilton Elementary in Granville County and pursing my elementary education teaching certificate through ECU, including student teaching in a Mt. Energy 1st grade classroom.  My first 2 years as a lead teacher was at C.G. Credle Elementary.  Next, I moved here to Creedmoor Elementary to teach 1st grade. Last year, I started teaching 2nd grade and am so excited to work 2nd graders again this year! 

       I can't wait to work with your second grader and look forward to a fantastic year!