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Behavior Policy

over 2 years ago

By Kristen Elliott

I will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our behavior. Your child will have a clip that they will physically move up or down the chart, depending on their choices.Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day‐ for them to move up, they must go above and beyond in their behavior choices! The chart below explains how the clip chart works.





Great job


Good Day


Ready to learn 


Think about it


Teacher Choice


Parent Contact 

     If you move to Outstanding, you’ll get to decorate your clip and take a happy          note home!


    As you continue to make good choices, you’ll advance to “Great job”.


    Making a good choice will help you move up to the yellow section of our chart.


    You will get to start out each day on “Ready to Learn”. You will move your clip         up or down depending on your choices each day.

    If you receive a warning, you will move your clip down to help you remember to     think about your choices.


    If you continue to make poor choices, you will move to “Teacher Choice’. I will         choose an appropriate consequence.

   If you still choose to make bad decisions, you will move to “Parent Contact”. You                                           will be notified about the situation.


I believe this will be a positive way for students to monitor their choices and will give them behavior goals to strive for! 

Classroom News

over 2 years ago

By Kristen Elliott

mClass Beginning of Year Testing Has Arrived!  

We are now beginning our mClass beginning of year testing. Your child will be given a segmentation test (to see how they break down words into sounds), a nonsense word test (to see how they blend sounds) , and the TRC which tests their current reading level. Please help your child by helping them get a good night's rest and to eat a healthy breakfast. If they eat at school, please help them to get here early enough to eat a balanced breakfast in the lunch room! 

What is my child learning this quarter?

over 2 years ago

By Kristen Elliott


This section will be updated to keep you up to date and informed on what your child is learning.


What are characters? What is the setting?

How are fiction and nonfiction alike and different? 

How are nonfiction books set up?

What are text features and how do I use them? (table of contents, caption, photos, diagram)

How can I figure out what words are important in a nonfiction text?


Short vowel sounds (a as in apple, e as in elephant, i as in igloo o as in octopus, u as in umbrella)

-ing (sing, ring, wing)

-all (ball, wall, call, tall)

sh (show, ship, wish)

ch (chip, chart, each)

wh (what, whip, when)

th (think, that, with)


Writing and solving addition and subtraction problems to 10

Solving addition and subtraction word problems

Using number bonds to represent adding and subtracting problems

Developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems (counting on, using objects, drawing a picture)


Informational Writing - sharing information on the steps of how to do or make something

Narrative Writing- tell a story of something that happened to you using at least 3 sentences.

My Teaching Philosophy

over 2 years ago

By Kristen Elliott

My philosophy of teaching is that all children can learn if given the right opportunities. I strive to provide an atmosphere that is safe, encouraging and full of chances for discovery, growth and practice. I have high expectations for all of my students because I believe if you set the bar high, students will reach for it. I am aware that each child enters the classroom with unique experiences, backgrounds, talents and skills. I do my best to meet each child where they are and challenge them to grow to the next level of development and beyond. I believe that parents and family play a huge part in the academic achievement of a child. I cannot do it on my own! Please take the time each day to talk to your child about their day and check their take home folder. Parents are my partners for success! Please know that you are always welcome to volunteer, visit or meet with me. I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to be involved in our classroom family including volunteering, joining us for lunch, or attending special school and classroom events. Please call me anytime with your questions or concerns. 

Lastly, I want you to know I love my job and I care very much for your child. Please know I am always striving to do what is best for them. I look forward to getting to know both you and your child as we learn and grow together throughout the school year! 

Homework Policy

over 3 years ago

By Kristen Elliott

Mrs. Elliott’s 1st Grade Homework Policy

Your child will receive a monthly homework calendar in the homework pocket of their binder. The activities listed on these calendars are for additional practice and will provide students with reinforcement of concepts taught in class. Some of the assignments are written, while others are activities for your child to do orally or with materials at home. There will be no homework on Fridays! :)

All written tasks should be dated and completed in your child’s homework notebook. Please initial inside each box on the homework calendar once your child has completed the task and return the homework packet at the end of each month.

In addition to the homework calendar, students are expected to read each night for at least 10-15 minutes. They may read books of their choice (library book, books from home, etc.). Beginning in early October, students will be bringing home leveled books from me. Students should be able to read these books to you with little help. Once a week, students will be responsible for completing a short literacy activity on one of the books they have read. These will be stapled to the monthly homework calendar.

Small prizes, awards and certificates may be given to students who have done all homework at the end of the month. Please note that the homework will not be graded, however, their work will be taken into account towards their learning progress for their report cards.