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Title I

over 4 years ago

Title I

Title I is the largest federal education program, which is the heart of the No Child Left
Behind Act of 2001. The purpose of the program is to help ensure that all children have the
opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach proficiency on state academic
Granville County is one of the 115 districts in North Carolina that receives Title I funds. At
least 50% of all schools in the state are Title I schools. Eight of nineteen schools in Granville
County operate schoolwide projects, which means at least 40 percent or more of the
students qualify for free lunch or reduced-price lunches. In these school wide projects, the
focus is to help all students achieve at higher levels and to use the funding to generally
upgrade the entire academic operation of the schools. Services might include computer
labs, professional development for teachers/staff, purchase of materials and supplies, prekindergarten
program, and hiring additional support staff. The focus of the program is
geared towards supplementing literacy and math efforts.
We, the staff of Creedmoor Elementary School of the Arts, believe that student achievement
is dependent upon the number and quality of interactions among families, school, and
students. Positive outcomes occur most often when true partnerships are established
between home and school. Title I services, in collaboration with the classroom teachers,
offer eligible students additional opportunities to master the curriculum as stated in the
North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards.
We recognize that families are their child’s first teacher, and we will make every effort to
complement, expand, and support the learning that takes place in the home. To do this, we
will provide:

  • Curriculum Open House – activities will take place to explain and discuss

the Title I Program, as well as, state and local expectations for
achievement and promotion.

  • Conferences – will be scheduled periodically during the year to inform

families of a student’s progress.

  •  Family Workshops/Materials – topics will cover curriculum areas, study

skills, and family needs.
We will annually an opportunity to review the effectiveness of our program
to families because we are committed to continuous improvement of all components of the
school. We will strive to work together to solve problems and to upgrade the structure and
framework of the school environment.