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Read to Achieve Information for Parents


Read to Achieve Information


·       Teacher will keep the following documentation all year as a reading portfolio for each student:

1.  mClassReading 3D data (for all students)

2.  Discovery Education reading data (for all students)

3.  Progress monitoring data, method chosen by teacher (required for below grade level students)

4.  Personal Education Plan (PEP) (required for below grade level students)

-reviewed/updated at least each quarter

5.  State generated “mini-tests” on each reading standard for grade 3. (for all students– begins in January)

-     No more than three passages per week

-     Assessments are untimed and unassisted

-     Each mini-test will be a reading passage followed by multiple-choice questions.

-     Mastery of 36 passages in all (3 passages for each of the 12 standards)

-     Mastery equates to 4 out of 5 questions correct on each passage.

-     10 different passages are available per standard


·       What happens if a student does not pass the Third Grade EOG in reading?

-     A student will be promoted if their portfolio shows good growth (mClass and PEP) and  proficiency on the “mini-tests.”

-     A student will be promoted if meets “Good Cause Exemption:” 1) taking Extend 1 EOG;   2)students designated as ESL; 3) a student has been retained more than once before third grade

If the above criteria does not apply, then…

-     Student will retake the Reading EOG.  If still doesn’t pass then…

-     Student will take a North Carolina Read to Achieve Test.  If still doesn’t pass then…

-     Student will go to Summer Reading Camp. This will last 6 weeks, 4 days per week, 3  hours of instruction per day.  Summer Camp teachers will continue on the portfolio from  the Third Grade teacher including the “mini-tests.”  At the end of the camp, if students  show proficiency on the portfolio they will be promoted. They will again take the  NorthCarolina Read to Achieve Test if they do not show proficiency on the portfolio.

·       What happens if a student does not have a portfolio showing proficiency or passes the North Carolina Read to Achieve Test after Summer Camp?

-     Student is retained to third, however will be in a third/fourth grade classroom in the Fall.  Student will get intensive reading instruction at their reading level and all the other  instruction will follow the fourth grade curriculum.  All students will take the Fourth Grade Reading EOG at the end of the year. 

-     Student will retake the Read to Achieve Test prior to November 1.  If passes, will be  promoted to fourth grade.  If does not pass, then at the end of the school year the  Principal decides if promoted to Fifth Grade or retained at Fourth.


·       What happens if astudent does not attend Summer Camp?

-   They are retained to a Third Grade Classroom for another year.


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